About Hans

The Dutch painter and photographer Hans van den Berkmortel (1969) is autodidact in both disciplines. His photography and his painting complement each other and influence these processes, but they are still autonomous with their own unique characters.

The photos by Hans van den Berkmortel are difficult to capture within one theme. Sometimes they are images shot from around the corner while others are made in exotic places during one of his many travels around the world. These images vary from impressionistic landscapes to urban scenes full of expression.

His background as a painter is evident in the almost abstract compositions and atmospheric shots. But at the same time these images tell background stories and depict human emotions; notorious hip hoppers from the Bronx, French cyclists, Indian slums, Irish horsemen and Dutch farmers… they are all there “and everything is true”.

Depending on the light, the colors and composition he searches and waits for that split second in which the usual becomes unique. That moment in which the world becomes reality, sometimes ugly, but always beautiful and real.

The binding element is the dynamic and directness of his photos. Never staged and without false pretenses. A characterization that also defines the personality of Hans van den Berkmortel. That is precisely the reason why his work is so successful.

A pure representation with himself as touchstone.


Portret Hans